The Bespoke Metaverse Index – 5/24/22

Bespoke’s Metaverse Index tracks 40 companies with exposure to the continued rollout of the metaverse. We outlined seven components of the metaverse and selected the companies that have either spoken about their metaverse plans or have the capabilities to fulfill metaverse needs within these categories.

Metaverse Index

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All Day Rallies A Thing of the Past

It seems like a distant memory now, but Monday’s rally marked just the 13th time all year (and over the last 100 trading days) that the S&P 500 tracking ETF (SPY) opened higher and traded in positive territory all day (‘100% positive day’).  The chart below shows the rolling 100-trading day total number of 100% positive days for SPY since 1994, shortly after the ETF launched.  The current level of 13 is already well below the long-term average of 18, but last week, the reading was even lower at 12.  The last time the 100-day rolling total was lower than that was in May 2009, and the lowest readings ever recorded were in periods beginning in October 2002 and September 2008 with just six in a 100-trading day span.

What makes the current period unique is how quickly the rate of 100% positive days has plummeted.  100 trading days ago, the rolling total was more than twice the current level at 29.  Also, it was only in February 2021 (less than sixteen months ago) that the number of 100% positive days reached a record high of 33 on 2/4/21.  That peak came just weeks before the Federal Government sent out the third and final round of stimulus checks.  Just as massive amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus helped to support markets during COVID, the withdrawal of these supports has introduced gravity back into the equation.  Click here to learn more about Bespoke’s premium stock market research service.

S&P 500 Positive Territory

Q1 Earnings Season Conference Call Recaps

Bespoke’s Conference Call Recaps provide helpful summaries of corporate conference calls throughout earnings season.  We go through the conference calls of some of the most important companies in the market and summarize key topics covered by management.  These recaps include information regarding each company’s financial results, growth by segment, as well as some aspects of the business that management expects to impact future results.  We also identify trends emerging for the broader economy in these recaps.

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Below is a list of the Conference Call Recaps published during the Q1 2022 and Q4 2021 earnings reporting period.

Q1 2022 Recaps:

Best Buy — Q1 2023

Zoom — Q1 2023

Deere — Q2 2022
Deere (DE) Earnings Summary

Palo Alto Networks — Q3 2022

Target — Q1 2022
Target (TGT) Earnings Summary

Q1 Previously Published Recaps

Home Depot Q1 Conference Call — 5/17/22
Walmart Q1 Conference Call — 5/17/22
Disney Q2 Conference Call — 5/11/22
Roblox Q1 Conference Call — 5/11/22
Simon Property Q1 Conference Call — 5/9/22
Tyson Foods Q2 Conference Call — 5/9/22
Block Q1 Conference Call — 5/5/22
Albemarle Q1 Conference Call — 5/5/22
Cheniere Energy Q1 Conference Call — 5/4/22
Uber Q1 Conference Call — 5/4/22
Starbucks Q1 Conference Call — 5/3/22
Advanced Micro Devices Q1 Conference Call — 5/3/22
Hilton Hotels Q1 Conference Call — 5/3/22
Amazon Q1 Conference Call — 4/28/22
Apple Q2 Conference Call — 4/28/22
United Rentals Q1 Conference Call — 4/28/22
McDonald’s Q1 Conference Call — 4/28/22
Meta Platforms Q1 Conference Call — 4/27/22
Automatic Data Processing Q3 Conference Call — 4/27/22
Chipotle Q1 Conference Call — 4/26/22
Microsoft Q3 Conference Call — 4/26/22
Alphabet Q1 Conference Call — 4/26/22
United Parcel Service Q1 Conference Call — 4/26/22
Whirlpool Q1 Conference Call — 4/25/22
Coca-Cola Q1 Conference Call — 4/25/22
American Express Q1 Conference Call — 04/22/22
Snap Q1 Conference Call — 04/21/22
Pool Corp Q1 Conference Call — 04/21/22
Alcoa Q1 Conference Call — 04/20/22
Tesla Q1 Conference Call — 04/20/22
IBM Q1 Conference Call — 04/19/22
Johnson & Johnson Q1 Conference Call — 04/19/22
JB Hunt Conference Call — 04/18/22
Citigroup Q1 Conference Call — 04/14/22
UnitedHealth Group Q1 Conference Call — 04/14/22
Taiwan Semiconductor Q1 Conference Call — 04/14/22
BlackRock Q1 Conference Call — 04/13/22
Delta Q1 Conference Call — 04/13/22
JP Morgan Q1 Conference Call — 04/13/22
CarMax Q4 Conference Call — 04/12/22
Constellation Brands Q4 Conference Call — 4/7/22
Walgreens Q2 Conference Call — 3/31/22
Micron Q2 Conference Call — 3/29/22
Lululemon Q4 Conference Call — 3/29/22
KB Home Q1 Conference Call — 3/23/22
Adobe Q1 Conference Call — 3/22/22
Nike Q3 Conference Call — 3/21/22

Recaps published during Q4 2021 are available with a Bespoke Institutional subscription:

Salesforce Q4 Conference Call — 3/1/22
Target Q4 Conference Call — 3/1/22
Zoom Q4 Conference Call — 2/28/22
Moderna Q4 Conference Call — 2/24/22
Home Depot Q4 Conference Call — 2/22/22
Deere Q1 Conference Call — 2/18/22
Walmart Q4 Conference Call — 2/17/22
NVIDIA Q4 Conference Call — 2/16/22
Airbnb Q4 Conference Call — 2/15/22
Marriott Q4 Conference Call — 2/15/22
Advance Auto Parts Q4 Conference Call — 2/14/22
Uber Q4 Conference Call — 2/9/22
Disney Q1 Conference Call — 2/9/22
Chipotle Q4 Conference Call — 2/8/22
Simon Property Q1 Conference Call — 2/7/22
Tyson Foods Q1 Conference Call — 2/7/22
Snap Q4 Conference Call — 2/3/22
Amazon Q4 Conference Call — 2/3/22
Estée Lauder Q2 Conference Call — 2/3/22
Meta Q4 Conference Call — 2/2/22
Ferrari Q4 Conference Call — 2/2/22
Match Group Q4 Conference Call — 2/2/22
Advanced Micro Devices Q4 Conference Call  — 2/1/22
PayPal Q4 Conference Call — 2/1/22
Starbucks Q1 Conference Call — 2/1/22
Alphabet Q4 Conference Call — 2/1/22
United Parcel Service Q4 Conference Call — 2/1/22
Visa Q1 Conference Call — 1/27/22
Apple Q1 Conference Call — 1/27/22
McDonald’s Q4 Conference Call — 1/27/22
Intel Q4 Conference Call — 1/26/22
Tesla Q4 Conference Call — 1/26/22
Boeing Q4 Conference Call — 1/26/22
Automatic Data Process Q4 Conference Call — 1/26/22
Microsoft Q2 Conference Call — 1/26/22
Johnson & Johnson Q4 Conference Call — 1/25/22
3M Q4 Conference Call — 1/25/22
Lockheed Martin Q4 Conference Call — 1/25/22
American Express Q4 Conference Call — 1/25/22
Netflix Q4 Conference Call — 1/20/22
Intuitive Surgical Q4 Conference Call — 1/20/22
Union Pacific Q4 Conference Call — 1/20/22
Baker Hughes Q4 Conference Call — 1/20/22
UnitedHealth Q4 Conference Call — 1/19/21
Fastenal Q4 Conference Call — 1/19/22
Procter & Gamble Q2 Conference Call — 1/19/22
Silvergate Capital Q4 Conference Call — 1/18/22
Charles Schwab Q4 Conference Call — 1/18/22
BlackRock Q4 Conference Call — 1/14/22
JP Morgan Q4 Conference Call — 1/14/22
KB Home Q4 Conference Call — 1/12/22
Delta Airlines Q4 Conference Call — 1/13/22
Constellation Brands Q3 Conference Call — 1/6/22
Nike Q2 Conference Call — 12/20/21

Bespoke’s Morning Lineup – 5/24/22 – Anti-Social Media

See what’s driving market performance around the world in today’s Morning Lineup.  Bespoke’s Morning Lineup is the best way to start your trading day.  Read it now by starting a two-week trial to Bespoke Premium.  CLICK HERE to learn more and start your trial.

“It can be terribly dangerous, even perilous, to assume that because people hold positions of responsibility they are therefore acting responsibly.” – David McCullough

Morning stock market summary

Below is a snippet of content from today’s Morning Lineup for Bespoke Premium members.  Start a two-week trial to Bespoke Premium now to access the full report.

That rally lasted long.  After bouncing from the last hour on Friday through yesterday, US stocks are set to open down by over 1% this morning following Snap’s (SNAP) earnings warning and its comments regarding the weakening broader macroeconomic environment.  Adding to the concerns regarding the economy, preliminary PMI readings out of Europe also came in lower than expected.  The US versions of these reports will be released later this morning.  Given these growth concerns, treasuries are rallying as the 10-year yield drops back down to 2.82%.  Oil prices, however, are largely unchanged on the day.

In today’s Morning Lineup, we recap on the latest declines in the tech sector (pg 4), Asian and European markets (pg 4), COVID case numbers (pg 5), the latest economic data out of Asia and Europe (pg 5), and a lot more.

After a 1.87% gain for the S&P 500 (SPY) yesterday, we’re seeing the inverse of a “Turnaround Tuesday” this morning with SPY set to open lower by just over 1%.  Since 1993 when SPY began trading, there have only been five prior instances in which SPY rose 1%+ on a Monday and then gapped lower by more than 1% the next morning.  As shown below, SPY continued lower from the open to the close on four of the five prior Tuesdays, and one week from the Tuesday open, SPY was down all five times for an average decline of 2.3%. One step forward, two steps back.

S&P 500 Gap Downs

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