Bulls Back Below 20%

In spite of the S&P 500 actually reversing course and heading higher in the past week, sentiment on the part of individual investors surveyed by the American Association of Individual Investors has turned lower, once again falling below 20%. That is the first sub-20% reading since the last week of April, although the multiple readings in the mid-teens last month were lower than this week’s reading.

The past several months as the major indices have entered downtrends have seen an impressive collapse in optimism.  Over the past six months, slightly more than half of the time less than a quarter of AAII respondents have reported as bullish. Going back through the history of the survey beginning in the late 1980s, there have only been two other periods with this same sort of consistently pessimistic attitude for an extended period of time: late 1988 to early 1989 and two years later in early 1991.

Given bulls were hard to find, bearish sentiment ticked up to 53.5%. Although over half of respondents are expecting lower stock prices, that is still not as high of a reading as the end of April when it was nearly 60%.

Regardless, bears continue to heavily outweigh bulls as the bull-bear spread has now sat in negative territory for all but two weeks over the past half-year.

The bearish camp did not pick up all of the losses in bullish sentiment.  Neutral sentiment rose back up to 26.7% this week marking the highest reading in a month. That being said, the reading remains below the historical average of 31.43%.  Click here to learn more about Bespoke’s premium stock market research service.

The Bespoke 50 Growth Stocks — 5/26/22

The “Bespoke 50” is a basket of noteworthy growth stocks in the Russell 3,000.  To make the list, a stock must have strong earnings growth prospects along with an attractive price chart based on Bespoke’s analysis.  The Bespoke 50 is updated weekly on Thursday unless otherwise noted.  There were no changes to the list this week.

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The Bespoke 50 performance chart shown does not represent actual investment results.  The Bespoke 50 is updated weekly on Thursday.  Performance is based on equally weighting each of the 50 stocks (2% each) and is calculated using each stock’s opening price as of Friday morning each week.  Entry prices and exit prices used for stocks that are added or removed from the Bespoke 50 are based on Friday’s opening price.  Any potential commissions, brokerage fees, or dividends are not included in the Bespoke 50 performance calculation, but the performance shown is net of a hypothetical annual advisory fee of 0.85%.  Performance tracking for the Bespoke 50 and the Russell 3,000 total return index begins on March 5th, 2012 when the Bespoke 50 was first published.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  The Bespoke 50 is meant to be an idea generator for investors and not a recommendation to buy or sell any specific securities.  It is not personalized advice because it in no way takes into account an investor’s individual needs.  As always, investors should conduct their own research when buying or selling individual securities.  Click here to read our full disclosure on hypothetical performance tracking.  Bespoke representatives or wealth management clients may have positions in securities discussed or mentioned in its published content.

Bespoke’s Morning Lineup – 5/26/22 – Is it Real? Or is it Metaverse?

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“Someday neither AI nor us will be able to tell whether we are in a virtual or physical world.” – Jensen Huang

Morning stock market summary

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We’ll be honest, based on the way markets have been trading the last couple of months, we would have expected that if the 7th largest stock (NVIDIA) in the Nasdaq 100 was trading 5% lower in reaction to earnings, that futures for the index would also be lower.  Right now, futures are actually trading about 0.4% higher. Is this real?

In addition to the positive tone in futures, there’s also some major M&A news with Broadcom (AVGO) reaching a deal to acquire VMware (VMW) in a cash and stock deal valued at $61 billion in what would be one of the largest tech mergers of all time.  On the one hand, a bull would point to this transaction as a sign that companies are finding value in the market after the plunge over the last five months.  On the other hand, as recently as February, VMW’s stock was right around the $142.50 price the company agreed to sell itself at today, so does that indicate that management expects limited upside for the industry going forward?

It’s a big morning for economic data with revised GDP for Q1 (revised lower), Personal Consumption (higher than expected), PCE (lower than expected), and Jobless Claims (initial lower than expected, continuing higher) all just released at 8:30.  Later on this morning, Pending Home Sales and the KC Fed manufacturing report will be released at 10 AM.

In today’s Morning Lineup, we recap morning earnings reports (pg 4), overnight central bank actions (pg 4), the latest economic data out of Asia and Europe (pg 5), and a lot more.

The Energy sector hit another new 52-week high yesterday further cementing its lead as the top-performing sector in the S&P 500.  Given the rally over the last year, it’s pretty hard to believe that the Energy sector is still more than 10% below its record high back in 2014.

Given the rally in Energy, the sector’s relative strength has made a significant turnaround this year.  After eight years of near-constant underperformance, the recent outperformance has taken its relative strength to levels not seen in three years.

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The Closer – Minutes Review, Durable Goods, High Yield Rally – 5/25/22

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Looking for deeper insight into markets? In tonight’s Closer sent to Bespoke Institutional clients, we start out tonight with some notes on today’s release of the Fed’s meeting minutes (page 1). We then recap today’s 5 year note auction (page 2) followed by a look into the durable goods numbers (page 3). Pivoting back to fixed income, we then take a look at credit spreads (page 4). We finish with our weekly recap of EIA stockpile data (page 5).

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Fixed Income Weekly: 5/25/22

Searching for ways to better understand the fixed income space or looking for actionable ideas in this asset class?  Bespoke’s Fixed Income Weekly provides an update on rates and credit every Wednesday.  We start off with a fresh piece of analysis driven by what’s in the headlines or driving the market in a given week.  We then provide charts of how US Treasury futures and rates are trading, before moving on to a summary of recent fixed income ETF performance, short-term interest rates including money market funds, and a trade idea.  We summarize changes and recent developments for a variety of yield curves (UST, bund, Eurodollar, US breakeven inflation and Bespoke’s Global Yield Curve) before finishing with a review of recent UST yield curve changes, spread changes for major credit products and international bonds, and 1 year return profiles for a cross section of the fixed income world.

In this week’s report we look at the technical shift in the trend for interest rates.

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Bespoke’s Global Macro Dashboard — 5/25/22

Bespoke’s Global Macro Dashboard is a high-level summary of 22 major economies from around the world.  For each country, we provide charts of local equity market prices, relative performance versus global equities, price to earnings ratios, dividend yields, economic growth, unemployment, retail sales and industrial production growth, inflation, money supply, spot FX performance versus the dollar, policy rate, and ten year local government bond yield interest rates.  The report is intended as a tool for both reference and idea generation.  It’s clients’ first stop for basic background info on how a given economy is performing, and what issues are driving the narrative for that economy.  The dashboard helps you get up to speed on and keep track of the basics for the most important economies around the world, informing starting points for further research and risk management.  It’s published the last Wednesday of every month at the Bespoke Institutional membership level.

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Bespoke’s Morning Lineup – 5/25/22 – Fixed Income Repairs

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“All ballplayers should quit when it starts to feel as if all the baselines run uphill.” – Babe Ruth

Morning stock market summary

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On this day in 1935, Babe Ruth hit his last home run before retiring from the game about a week later. Ruth not only hit one home run that day, but he went four for four with three bombs and six RBIs.  Like Ruth’s advice in the above quote for when to quit the game, traders should take a similar approach and step back from the tape when the lines on the charts constantly go in the wrong direction.  For traders biased to the long side, there’s been a lot of that this year.

Futures are lower again this morning as economic concerns weigh on sentiment and investors find little in the way of urgency to put money to work.  The war in Ukraine shows no signs of easing, weekly mortgage applications showed no growth in purchase applications, and this morning’s earnings warning from Dick’s (DKS) suggests that the consumer may be catching a cold.

It’s a relatively quiet day on the economic calendar with Durable Goods (weaker than expected) and Energy Inventories the only reports on the calendar.  Outside of DKS, which has already reported, the only major report on the calendar after the close is NVIDIA (NVDA).  Semis had been showing some relative strength versus the market up until late last week, so this will be an important report to watch, although NVDA’s high multiple relative to the market means that investors may not be willing to give it much leeway.

In today’s Morning Lineup, we recap on the latest earnings warning in the retail sector from DKS (pg 4), Asian and European markets (pg 4), group performance in the Eurozone (pg 5), the latest economic data out of Asia and Europe (pg 5), and a lot more.

After the first four months of the year where fixed income performed just as poorly as equities, we’ve seen a bit of a rebound in the sector in recent weeks.  Below is a snapshot of some major fixed income ETFs from our Trend Analyzer.  Despite YTD declines for just about all of them, the last week has seen gains across the board.  The majority of the ETFs are still below their 50-DMAs, but the fact that they’ve started to ‘disconnect’ from the performance of equities illustrates how investors are starting to worry more about the health of the economy than inflation.

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The Bespoke Metaverse Index – 5/24/22

Bespoke’s Metaverse Index tracks 40 companies with exposure to the continued rollout of the metaverse. We outlined seven components of the metaverse and selected the companies that have either spoken about their metaverse plans or have the capabilities to fulfill metaverse needs within these categories.

Metaverse Index

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