bmc1Last year we published the first edition of the Bespoke Market Calendar — a printed calendar booklet for traders and investors to keep at their desks and use throughout the year to stay on top of everything going on in financial markets.  We got amazing feedback from those that purchased our 2014/2015 calendar, and the requests for our 2015/2016 calendar have been rolling in.

Our 2015/2016 Bespoke Market Calendar is now available for purchase!  See a sample of last year’s calendar here to get an idea of all the information that’s covered in this must-have booklet.

There are two ways you can receive this year’s Bespoke Market Calendar in the mail when the booklets get shipped in late December.  You can either purchase a copy for $19.95 each (shipping included), or you can sign up for a monthly subscription to any of our three membership levels for 50% off the first month.  Completing either option will put the Bespoke Market Calendar at your doorstep just in time for the new year!

Click this link to purchase the 2015/2016 Bespoke Market Calendar now for just $19.95 including shipping.

To use our 50% off the first month offer for one of our three subscription levels, choose one of the product offerings below and enter “CALENDAR” in the coupon code section at checkout!

Bespoke Newsletter w/ Free Bespoke Market Calendar ($24.50 first month, then $49/month)

Bespoke Premium w/ Free Bespoke Market Calendar ($49.50 first month, then $99/month)

Bespoke Institutional w/ Free Bespoke Market Calendar ($97.50 first month, then $195/month)

BMC Cover

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