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The Basics

Your financial goals are one-of-a-kind. We'll sit with you to understand your future, learn about your risk tolerance, and formulate an investment plan that you and your family are comfortable with. We'll then help you set up your new account(s) and implement your investment plan, and we make ourselves available whenever you need us.

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The Process

Bespoke wealth management clients keep their brokerage accounts (taxable or retirement) at Charles Schwab, with Bespoke the designated account manager. We operate with full transparency; clients can always see any activity in their accounts. The minimum brokerage account assets needed to work with Bespoke is $200,000, and we charge an annual account management fee of 0.80% (lower fees are negotiable).

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Bespoke wealth management clients are invested based on their risk profile and financial goals. Clients can take approaches ranging from income generation to aggressive long-term growth. We also offer a range of unique stock strategies to gain exposure to themes like "dividend income," "best of breed," "growth at a reasonable price," "earning momentum," and "future Tech."

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Bespoke Investment Group is a registered investment advisor located in Harrison, NY. You can learn more about Bespoke by reading our Form ADV Part 2 or our Form CRS.

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