We’ve just published our newest list of the top mid-cap and small-cap stocks under $10.  The 20 names featured have positive valuations/fundamentals as well as attractive price charts.  We started with a list of all stocks under $10/share in the Russell 3,000 and then began filtering based on a number of fundamental and technical criteria.  To be included on the list, the stock must also have a market cap greater than $200 million but less than $5 billion and average volume of more than 200,000 shares/day.

The list of stocks has broad sector representation, with eight of ten sectors included (there are no Consumer Staples or Utilities stocks).  Five Energy stocks that have recently begun trending higher after experiencing severe downtrends are on the list, and four Technology stocks are included as well.  On pages two through six of the report, we provide one-year price and volume charts for each stock, and we also provide a company description.  The purpose of this list is to provide clients that may be looking for new small-cap and mid-cap opportunities with a basket of names to do additional research on.  It is not meant to be a model portfolio or blanket buy list, and any allocation into any of the names should have a very minimal weighting.  We also recommend using a stop loss of 10-15% below entry price for all of the names to limit downside exposure.

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