Looking for deeper insight on global markets and economics?  In The Closer tonight we look at equity performance and credit spreads, as well as other metrics, for major U.S. banks and brokers.  Below is one set of charts provided in tonight’s Closer, which shows credit default swap (CDS) prices for Goldman (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS), Citi (C), JP Morgan (JPM), Bank of America (BAC) and Wells Fargo (WFC).  As you can see, default risk as measured by 5-year CDS has exploded higher for these stocks over the last two weeks.

But one-year charts of CDS don’t quite paint the full picture of what’s going on right now.  For the full report, start a free 14-day Bespoke research trial below.


The Closer also includes its standard charts, large volume and price movers in the US equity market, and Bespoke’s Market Timing Model.  The Closer is one of our most popular reports, and you can sign up for a trial below to see it free for the next two weeks!

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