Bespoke Premium

The Bespoke Premium service is what launched Bespoke to the forefront of the financial research world.  As one of our most popular offerings, Bespoke Premium gives you access to a full suite of daily, weekly and monthly reports (listed below) designed to keep you ahead of the market.  Whether you’re a short-term trader that’s in and out of the market on a daily basis or a long-term investor trying to formulate a new strategy, the Bespoke Premium service has you covered, and a subscription can be purchased at the low price of just $99 per month or $995 per year.  Start your free trial period today!

Our research is not presented as a lesson in abstract scholarship, but as profitable advice intended for investors looking to make a smart play or develop a long-term position
in the market.  You receive stock tips that count, with actionable, timely investment recommendations that are carefully selected with regard to market timing, fundamentals, technicals and economic forces.

Below is a breakdown of the various reports that are included with a Bespoke Premium membership.  Click on each report to learn more and view a sample.  Remember, with a Bespoke Premium membership, you’ll receive ALL of the reports listed below.

Investment Ideas

PremiumMatrixThe Bespoke 50
Bespoke’s Top Stocks Under $10
Trade of the Day
Bespoke’s Weekly Chart Book
Earnings Triple Plays
International Revenues Database
Bespoke Stock Scores
Model Stock Portfolio
Model Dividend Portfolio
Model ETF Portfolio

Trading Strategies

Daily ETF Trends Report
Weekly Stock Seasonality Report
Weekly Sector Snapshot
Earnings season trading tools

Market Perspective

Daily Morning Lineup Report
B.I.G. Tips Market Bulletins
Interactive Earnings Season Calendar
The Bespoke Report Newsletter
Bi-monthly Short Interest Report
Economic Indicators Report
Weekly Earnings Estimate Revisions Report
Monthly Financial Headlines Report
Dynamic Upgrades/Downgrades Report
Annual Bespoke Report market outlook

Once you sign up for a Bespoke Premium membership, you’ll be able to log in to our member site and view the most updated version of the reports listed above.  You’ll also have access to all of our archived reports, which is a treasure trove of market research and commentary.

A membership to Bespoke Premium gives you one (1) log in to our member site, and the forwarding or redistribution of our reports is strictly prohibited.  If you would like to learn more about obtaining multiple log ins, please contact our sales team at 914-315-1248.

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