Today we are introducing a new Pulse add-on report called “Google Search Trends”.  Google Trends (try it yourself here) allows you to track Internet search interest over time for any search term.  For products, services, retailers and other consumer-related entities, this provides enormous insight into historical and current interest.  Consumers search for products they’re interested in purchasing, airline tickets they’re looking to book, and stores and restaurants they want to visit.  In this report we provide Google Trends search interest charts for every company, website or product that’s covered in our monthly Pulse survey.  While search trends alone don’t form a full thesis, we think it can certainly be an input.

Below is an example search trends chart for Netflix.  As you can see, Netflix continues to make new highs in search even as it ages as a company.


If you’d like to see these results for dozens of other consumer-related stocks and products, start a 30-day Pulse add-on trial below.

Bespoke Consumer Pulse Add-On — Monthly $39 (with 30-day free trial)

Bespoke Consumer Pulse Add-On — Annual $365 (with 30-day free trial)

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