Bespokecast Episode 28 -- Kevin Muir

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In this episode of Bespokecast, we sit down with Kevin Muir, the Market Strategist for Canadian investment management firm East West Management. In addition to a long experience in cash equities and derivatives working at Canadian banks, Kevin traded a personal portfolio for almost two decades, gaining wide experience across global markets. In his current role, he helps set strategy for East West’s portfolios and hedge funds. He also writes a free newsletter called The Macro Tourist, which serves as both a trading journal and exploration of issues facing global markets. In our conversation today, we talk about Kevin’s fascinating career path, the recent history and outlook for federal reserve policy, and modern monetary theory (MMT). Kevin offers some great perspectives that we hope investors of all types can learn from. You can follow Kevin on Twitter here.

If you like what you hear today, you can learn more about our firm by visiting our website, Bespoke offers financial market research and insight to investors of all types, ranging from individuals to large institutions. You can also follow us on Twitter @bespokeinvest.

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