Bespokecast Episode 27 -- Patrick Wyman

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In this episode of Bespokecast, we sit down with Patrick Wyman, the host of popular podcast Tides of History. Patrick is a historian with a PhD from the University of Southern California with a broad range of knowledge on antiquity, the middle ages, and the early modern period. Instead of our usual focus on investing and contemporary analysis, this week Patrick helps us compare and contrast how four very different economies (late Roman, Medieval, early modern, and our own) compare, where similarities lie, and how they were different. Using four different institutions as focal points for comparative analysis, Patrick helps us understand the functioning of a Roman estate, a medieval manor, an early modern trading house, and a modern corporation and what key drivers of activity, market intensity, and relationships to the state they all have. This conversation was a significant departure from our typical format, but we found it fascinating and hope you do too. You can follow Patrick on Twitter here.

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