Bespokecast Episode 20 - @Chigrl

We’re happy to announce that the newest episode of Bespokecast is now available to the general public both here and via the various podcast platforms.  Be sure to subscribe to Bespokecast on your preferred podcast app to gain access to our full collection of episodes.  We’d also love for you to provide a review as well!

In this episode of Bespokecast, we have a conversation with @Chigrl. Tracy is an independent trader who focuses on futures markets, with a great deal of expertise and focus on oil and other energy markets. We discuss her approach to trading, including both day trading and swing trading, across commodity futures markets. We also get to hear her take on the current geopolitical backdrop of the Middle East, the future of oil supple and demand, and why living in cold climates is the best. If you’re a home cook and want to try the buffalo wing recipe she mentions, you can find step-by-step details in the thread on Twitter here.

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