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Here’s a snippet from today’s report:

We have a quiet day of economic data today as the only reports of note are Durable Goods and Auto Sales.  Durable Goods were just released and showed a decline of 1.6% for their third monthly decline in the last four months.  Equity futures are trading right around the unchanged level, which is actually an improvement from where they were trading overnight as bulls try and keep up the momentum going from Monday’s strong start to the quarter.  One of the bigger stories, though, is crude oil, which just topped its 200-DMA for the first time since last October.

The days of the internet and online shopping being “just a fad” have come a long way over the years, but February’s Retail Sales report (released Monday) highlighted another of many major milestones that the growth of online shopping has reached over the years.  In this case, it was the total share of Retail Sales that Non-Store retailers account for.  Over the years this sector has been sucking up share at the expense of just about every other sector seeing its total share of sales rise from under 5% in the late-1990s to nearly 12% today.  In February, Non-Store retail accounted for 11.813% of total sales overtaking General Merchanside (11.807%) for the fourth largest sector overall.  Sure, we had to go out to three decimal places, so the margin of different is extremely small, but looking at the chart the trend remains clear; the share of total sales for each sector are clearly going in opposite directions.

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