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t’s hard to say there was much in the way of good news.  Civil unrest continued to rage in cities across the US overnight, although the magnitude of looting and violence that accompanied some of the peaceful protests didn’t appear to be as severe.  Despite the negative headlines, though, US futures are indicated higher again and on pace for the 6th positive day in the last seven.

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We’re starting to run out of ways to show how strong breadth has been in recent weeks and how much of an about-face we have seen in the last 50 trading days, but this morning we’ll give you one more.  First, the percentage of S&P 500 Industry Groups currently above their 50-day moving averages currently sits at 100%.  You can’t get any higher than that!  Second, not only is every S&P 500 Industry Group above its 50-DMA, but all of their 50-DMA are also rising as well.  Both of these readings were 0% less than three months ago!

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