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As the UK starts jabbing its first patients with the COVID vaccine and the FDA debates whether to give the go-ahead here in the US, futures are indicated lower this morning on news the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell will not agree to the currently proposed bipartisan stimulus plan.  McConnell has been adamant on a package that includes a liability shield for businesses.  In other news, Small Business confidence dropped slightly more than expected, Productivity rose less than expected, and Unit Labor Costs fell less than expected.

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The current wave of COVID in the US generally started in the Midwest and spread around the rest of the country.  While hospitalizations in the Midwest remain the highest of any region in the country, the rate has been declining.  As for the rest of the country, the other three regions of the country are clustered around the 300 level but have seen their rates rising quickly.  While the trend is worrisome now, the hope is that eventually, these three regions of the country follow the trend of the Midwest.

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