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“Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Morning stock market summary

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Stock futures are pointing sharply higher for the second day in a row this morning.  While there are no specific catalysts, better-than-expected earnings against a backdrop of extremely oversold markets provide fuel for at least a short-term rally.  Sentiment towards the market has been very negative as well.  The latest example is the BofA Fund Manager Survey which showed the highest allocations to cash since 2001.  Despite the rally in stocks, bonds are behaving as Treasury yields are modestly lower.  In the commodities space, crude oil is little changed while gold is down modestly.

In the stock market lately, it’s either the end of the world or the beginning of a new bull market.  In yesterday’s rally, the S&P 500’s net advance/decline (A/D) reading came in at +455 which followed a reading of negative -442 on Friday and +438 Thursday.  With futures up nearly 2% this morning, it’s looking like another positive day of everything coming up roses (for now).  We classify any day where the S&P 500’s net A/D reading is above positive 400 or below minus 400 as an all-or-nothing day. In the 1990s, all-or-nothing days were generally uncommon.  There were seven years in the decade where there wasn’t more than one occurrence in an entire calendar year, and there were three with none.

As ETFs became more popular at the turn of the century allowing investors to buy or sell every stock in the index with one trade, the frequency of all-or-nothing days really picked up and peaked during the Financial Crisis when there were four straight years with more than 45.  With all-or-nothing days occurring at a much more regular frequency in the last several weeks (and especially days), 2022 is giving some of those years from the Financial Crisis a run for their money.  After three straight occurrences in a row (matching the total for all of 2017), the S&P 500 has now had 38 all-or-nothing days this year, putting 2022 on pace for 48.  At that rate, this year would rank tied for third with 2010 trailing only 2011’s total of 70 and 2008’s total of 52.

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