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“If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” — Vince Lombardi

Morning stock market summary

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It’s conference championship weekend for the NFL as the Bengals travel to Kansas City in the AFC and the 49ers travel to Philadelphia in the NFC.  The AFC championship game is an exact repeat of last year’s match-up when the Bengals upset the Chiefs on the road.  We’ve only seen the same two teams play in the same location in the AFC Championship game in back-to-back years two prior times, once in 2011/2012 (Ravens at Patriots) and once in 1978/1979 (Oilers at Steelers).

If you’re looking for more individual stock ideas, yesterday we updated our Bespoke 50 list of noteworthy Russell 3,000 growth stocks.  We like this list as an idea generator for further research into the 50 names that make the cut each week.

At the index level, take a look below at our Trend Analyzer snapshot of major US index ETFs.  It’s green across the board when it comes to 50-DMA spread, 5-day change, and YTD change.  The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) is in the lead on a YTD basis with a gain of 10.1%, and it’s also up the most over the last five days and the farthest above its 50-DMA.  This is the opposite of what we saw in 2022 when QQQ lagged the rest of the market severely.  As you can see, every single index ETF on the list is now “overbought” with the exception of the Dow 30 (DIA).

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