Back in February of 2014, we introduced the Bespoke “Death By Amazon” Index (DBA), a portfolio of companies culled from retailer indices that we judged as being extremely exposed to Amazon’s assault on the traditional retailing business model.  The Death By Amazon” Index has become pretty well-known over the past few years — especially over the last year since it has underperformed the rest of the stock market quite dramatically.

While the Death By Amazon” Index is made up of retail stocks that are most threatened by, what about the rest of the retail sector?  We wanted to know how the retailers that aren’t in the Death By Amazon” Index are doing compared to the DBA, AMZN, and the broad market.  In this regards, we’ve created the Bespoke “Amazon Survivors” Index (ASI), which is composed of companies not included in the “Death By Amazon” Index but still included in the retailing indices we use as our source list for companies.  Below, we chart the performance of Amazon, the S&P 1500, and our two indices.  All charts of our indices in this post are the equal weight versions.

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