With the company in the process of splitting up, being booted from the Dow Jones three years ago, and now sporting a market cap of less then $12.5 billion, you’re unlikely to get any brushback to the argument that Alcoa (AA) is no longer the economic bell-weather that it once was.  However, given the company’s place in the chronology of earnings season, investors tend to focus on the market’s reaction to AA’s report as a sign of what to expect during earnings season.  With the stock now down 10% following its report earlier today, investors are wondering whether this is a sign of things to come.


With that in mind, in today’s Chart of the Day, we looked at what, if any, relationship there has historically been between how Alcoa reacts to its quarterly earnings report and how the rest of the equity market performs during earnings season.  See today’s Chart of the Day by starting a 14-day free trial to Bespoke’s premium research below.

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