Today we are debuting our Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) Basketwhich utilizes a proprietary algorithm in an attempt to find stocks that may be mispriced relative to their growth. In this report, we highlight some of the flaws of pure growth and value strategies before diving into the potential benefits of a GARP strategy. There are 50 stocks included in the GARP Basket, with brief descriptions provided for each one. This basket is weighted in proportion to S&P 1500 sector weightings and will be updated on a quarterly basis, which gives each company the ability to report an additional quarter of earnings.

Growth at a Reasonable Price Stocks

Bespoke’s GARP Basket is available at the Bespoke Premium level and higher.  You can sign up for Bespoke Premium now and receive a 14-day trial to read our GARP report.  To sign up, choose either the monthly or annual checkout link below:

Bespoke Premium – Monthly Payment Plan

Bespoke Institutional – Annual Payment Plan

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