Here at Bespoke, our job is to identify winners and losers, and one of the ways we try to find earnings-season winners is through our list of “triple plays.”

Long-term Bespoke subscribers know how much we like triple plays, but for those that haven’t heard of the term, we came up with it back in the mid-2000s for companies that beat analyst EPS estimatesbeat analyst revenue estimates and also raise guidance. is one of the best online resources for financial markets education, and they’ve given us credit for coining the “triple play” term on their website.  We consider triple play stocks to be the cream of the crop of earnings season, and we are constantly finding new long-term buy opportunities from this basket of names each quarter.

We’ve been covering epic earnings strength versus estimates for a couple of quarters now, but it’s worth mentioning again that companies are reporting triple plays at the highest rates we’ve seen since we began tracking this data in the early 2000s.  Since the Q1 2021 earnings season began on 4/12/21, we’ve seen 272 earnings triple plays.  Prior to COVID, a normal earnings season would see 50-100 triple plays.  Given their high numbers, triple play stocks are not seeing the same type of upside price reaction that they used to see.  We view this as an opportunity to find the triple plays that may still offer upside but haven’t seen it yet due to broader market trends.

In this regards, we’ve gone through the price charts of all 272 triple plays to find the ones that look the best either from a short-term or long-term technical perspective.  In all, we identified 49 triple play stocks that we cover in our just-published “Top Triple Plays” report.  This report is not meant to be a “buy list” but rather an idea generator that you can use as a starting point for further research into the names we’ve identified.

Learn how to see the 49 stocks in this quarter’s Top Triple Plays report below!

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