Yesterday’s trading session represented the 150th trading day of 2017, and so far investors have nothing to complain about.  With a gain of 10.7% through 8/7, 2017 ranks as the fourth best start to a year in the last ten years, behind 2013 (18.6%), 2009 (11.9%) and 2012 (11.4%).  Earlier today, we took a look at years that had the most similarity to 2017 in terms of the pattern of daily closing prices to see which years since 1928  have the greatest similarity to 2017, and more importantly, how the S&P 500 performed for the remainder of each of those years.

The results of the analysis showed a clear trend in the market’s performance for the remainder of the year.  For instant access, sign up for a monthly Bespoke Premium membership now!

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