Time travel back to November 7th, 2016 — one day prior to the 2016 US Presidential Election.  Which of these outcomes would you have thought more likely?  1) Trump wins the Election, or 2) the S&P 500 rallies 20%+ over the next year IF Trump wins the Election.  We’ll let you ponder over that one for a moment, but fast-forward to today, and we’re now one year past Trump’s improbable victory on 11/8/16.  Since then, the S&P 500 is up 21%.

Below is a table highlighting the performance of 76 stock markets around the world since Election Day 2016 (in local currency).  All but 6 of the 76 countries are up over the last year, with Jamaica on top at +72.19%.  Of the G7 countries, Italy ranks first with a gain of 35.76%, followed by Japan at +33.44% and Germany at +27.67%.  The US has been just the 5th best of the G7, with only Britain and Canada posting smaller gains.  Of the BRICs, India is up the most while China is up the least

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