Apple (AAPL) will hold an event today at 1PM Eastern where the company is expected to make some big announcements.  In addition to updated versions of existing products like their iMacs, iPads, and AirPods, Apple is expected to announce the launch of its own Netflix-like streaming service.  That will also not be the only subscription service that the company is rumored to be revealing.  It has also been circulated that AAPL plans to unveil a new subscription news service, taking advantage of their already popular news app.  In our latest B.I.G. Tips report, we provide a summary of how AAPL stock has performed leading up to and after major product/services announcements over the years, and below we provide an annotated chart of AAPL over the years with color-coded circles to highlight announcements/releases of various products in its stable.  To gain access to the full report, please start a two-week free trial to our Bespoke Premium package now.  Here’s a breakdown of the products you’ll receive.

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