reportsbyday071116Earlier today, we posted a look at the number of companies set to report earnings by day during the upcoming earnings season, along with which stocks tend to exhibit the most volatility when they report earnings.  The chart to the right shows a similar look at the pace of earnings for the upcoming reporting period but just includes S&P 500 names. Looking at how reports are spread out, the pace won’t really pick up until the middle of next week as you have to wait until 7/19 until more than ten S&P 500 companies report on the same day.  The peak day for earnings among S&P 500 stocks is still 17 days away on 7/28 when 65 companies will report.

Earlier today, we also sent out a B.I.G. Tips report to Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional members, which contained a preview of the upcoming earnings season and what we can expect based on analyst sentiment heading into the period.  To get the full report, sign up.

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