The S&P 500 came into the new trading week up 20.22% year-to-date, which is the biggest gain at this point in the year since 1998.  This year’s gain is the 9th strongest move at this point in the year in the S&P’s history dating back to 1928.  It’s also just the 9th time the index has been up 20%+ at this point in the year.  (Keep in mind that the S&P fell 19.8% from its high point to low point in Q4 2018, so while this year’s move has been impressive, the index is not all that far above its 2018 highs.)

Below is a look at all years that the S&P 500 has been up 20%+ at this point in the year (133 trading days).  For each year, we show how the index performed over the next month, three months, and through the rest of the year.

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