We’ve just published our weekly Bespoke Report newsletter, which is available to subscribers across all three of our membership levels.  You can read it now by choosing a membership option and starting a two-week free trial at this page.  Below is a quick look at what could be a shifting pattern for the S&P 500.

To get out thoughts on this and everything else impacting the market this week, make sure to check out the entire report, choose any membership option and access this week’s full Bespoke Report newsletter after signing up!  You won’t be disappointed. Some of the other topics discussed in this week’s report include:

  • Every major US index overbought for the first time in months.
  • What’s the ‘Smart Money’ indicator telling us about the market?
  • Strong Starts to June: Rest of June, rest of Summer.
  • Thursday’s divergence between the Nasdaq and Dow. A turning point?
  • Apple production cuts. We’ve seen this movie before.
  • Doctor Copper.
  • Highlights from this month’s Bespoke Consumer Pulse report.
  • Carnage in Emerging Markets.  Where are we looking?
  • Big FOMC meeting next week.
  • Factors driving Technology.
  • Bespoke 50 update.
  • Where we are in the correction script.
  • Should companies stop giving quarterly guidance?
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