Midterm votes have been (mostly) tallied and Democrats retook the House, while equity markets extended their move off recent lows despite a soft end to the week. Earnings data, the strength of the US dollar, and producer price inflation all feature heavily in this week’s report, along with a full breakdown of midterm results and implications. We also review economic data, year-to-date performance by sector, equity market trends in Europe and emerging markets, the tight US labor market, and collapsing oil prices in this week’s Bespoke Report.

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To get up to speed on our thoughts regarding the market’s direction going forward, choose any membership option and access this week’s full Bespoke Report newsletter after signing up!  You won’t be disappointed. Some of the topics discussed in this week’s report include:

  • How Do These Midterms Compare To The Past?
  • Why Results Don’t Mean Too Much For Markets Going Forward
  • US Stock Market Outlook: End Of The Bull Market Unlikely
  • European Equity Drivers Amidst Huge Undeperformance
  • Industrial Productions And Exports Sag In The Eurozone
  • EM Equity Downside Momentum
  • Dollar Nears New Highs, Dollar Rate of Change Starting To Bite
  • 10 Year Yields Making New Highs
  • Inflation Expectations Ticking Up, Producer Prices Firm For Now
  • Companies Concerned About Inflation
  • Labor Markets Still Looking Tight
  • Investor Sentiment On The Global Economy Worsens
  • Auto Sales Slow In China, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil
  • Oil Price Collapse, Refining Margins Pummeled
  • Earnings Update
  • Intraday Versus Overnight Price Action Across Asset Classes

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