In our Bespoke Report dated 5/25/18, we provided the following chart and comments in our discussion of market corrections modeling that the S&P 500 would close at an all-time high again on 8/23/18.  With the S&P 500 finally closing at an all-time high on Friday, we ended up being off by a day, but we’ll take it!

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To get up to speed on our thoughts regarding the market’s direction going forward, choose any membership option and access this week’s full Bespoke Report newsletter after signing up!  You won’t be disappointed. Some of the topics discussed in this week’s report include:

  • Comparison between now and 2000
  • Housing starts to roll over
  • The US economy and the global slowdown
  • Decade-low readings in the yield curve
  • Some attractive Financial sector stocks
  • Market performance leading up to the mid-terms
  • High yield breaks through a key level
  • Sector breadth
  • An exceptionally consistent Spring and Summer
  • US vs ROW for the rest of year
  • New highs- what now?
  • Dividend Model Portfolio Update
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