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In the spirit of Father’s Day weekend, how many times as a child do you remember hearing the phrase above?  Maybe not so much anymore, but growing up in the past, kids have always been told from a young age that ‘father knows best.’  If he said to do something, you better be obedient and do it – or else. While it remains as temperamental and prone to outbursts as ever, in recent weeks, the market has not necessarily been the obedient child that investors would prefer to see.

For going on months now, you can’t look at a newspaper without reading about out-of-control prices or inflation and what it means for interest rates and a number of other parts of the financial world.  The only problem is that interest rates haven’t been following orders.

From the FOMC to the big rotation from value to growth, there was a lot to cover this week, and we do so in this week’s Bespoke Report.  Enjoy this week’s report, and have a great weekend.  Happy Father’s Day!

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