While intraday performance for stocks in the back half of this week was uninspiring at best, the S&P 500 actually closed up on the week. Some of the price action is getting extreme, especially in cyclical sectors around the world. Today 266 stocks in our Chart Scanner closed at new 52-week lows, while just 17 closed at new highs. You can get a good look at the weakness in our asset class performance matrix below.

Is the baby being thrown out with the bathwater?  We discuss in detail in this week’s Bespoke Report.

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  • Does Buying Dips Below the 200-DMA Work?
  • The Relationship Between Correlation & Volatility
  • Seasonal Patterns In Volatility
  • Dire Economic Expectations From Analysts Around The World
  • Rolling Over Global Cyclical Economic Indicators
  • European Equity Sectors Collapse
  • Slow Eurozone Inflation
  • Yields Around The World Rise
  • Solid But Slowing Manufacturing Data In The US
  • A Dearth Of Workers And Rising Turnover
  • Weakening Housing Activity
  • A One-Off Collapse In The Deficit
  • Surging Transportation Costs
  • An Economic Cycle Not Likely To End Soon

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