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Stocks have stopped paying attention to the interest rate markets, but that hasn’t stopped bonds from continuing to plunge. Surging interest rates and a Fed willing to crush the economy to tamp inflation are being ignored by the furious rally in a stock market that believes in the admittedly very strong US economic expansion. In addition, we dive into the investing returns of different generations, with a surprising winner when it comes to long-term investing results as well as key analysis on the driver of long-term investing returns. With the supply side of the economy struggling to keep up, we look at two industries and how supply constraints are benefiting one while holding another back. We also introduce a new basket of stocks designed to find big growth opportunities in EM, review the performance of stocks over the last two years and big winners since the COVID bottom, record low jobless claims, the distribution of assets and liquid savings across the income distribution, economic hits in Europe, and more in this week’s Bespoke Report.

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