Here’s a cool table from this week’s Bespoke Report.  A little over a week ago, the S&P 500 closed down 10.1% from its all-time record high only nine trading days earlier.  That confirmed the first official correction for the index in what seemed like forever.  Just like that, though, equities have come roaring back and have now closed higher for six straight trading days heading into this weekend.  With that streak, we wondered if the S&P 500 had ever seen a similar six-day winning streak from the closing low of a 10% correction.  Looking back at prior corrections, we were surprised to see that there have actually been eight prior periods where the S&P 500 saw a similar streak from a closing low.  In this week’s Bespoke Report, we examined each of these periods to see how the S&P 500 performed going forward after the initial six-day gain off of the low.

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