B.I.G. Tips

bigtipsthumbB.I.G. Tips reports are released throughout the trading day and cover a range of topics to help investors easily grasp current market trends.  Using our unique presentation methods and powerful charting tools, these reports are to the point and easy to understand – a trait that is often hard to find on Wall Street.

Topics covered in these popular ad hoc reports span the map of the financial world, from stocks and bonds to market sentiment and economic cycles.  Instead of offering up cookie-cutter research reports on individual stocks that dozens and dozens of research firms already have covered, we provide a different angle in our market analysis that investors have come to love.  A lot of our work is on the history of the markets and how current trends have ended up playing out in the past.  What happens going forward when the market has a big down day?  Which sectors do well in an inflationary environment?  What does it mean when economists are continuously overestimating indicators?  These are all example questions that we tackle and provide the answers to in our B.I.G. Tips reports.  Clients know that if there is a trend emerging in the market, we’re on top of it.

B.I.G. Tips reports are included with Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional memberships.  To view a sample B.I.G. Tips report, please click on the thumbnail image above.