Below we update our “year-to-date returns” heatmap for the S&P 500’s 10 major sectors.  Looking at any point in time on the heatmap, the color coding shows the sectors that are doing the best and worst year-to-date at that point.  Sectors with the darkest green shading are doing the best at that point in time, while sectors with the darkest red shading are doing the worst at that point in time.   For example, at the end of March, Consumer Discretionary and Health Care were up the most year-to-date, while Utilities, Financials, Industrials and Energy were doing the worst.

2015’s real winner of a pair trade has been long Consumer Discretionary and short Energy.  Health Care had been a leader up until August but has since collapsed, losing ground to improvements in Technology in the fall.  In the table below the heatmap we show YTD returns for each sector through the end of that month.  Please note that November YTD returns are through today’s trade.

We’ve also created a YTD returns heatmap for the largest country equity market ETFs traded on U.S. exchanges.  This allows you to see which countries have led and lagged on a YTD basis throughout 2015.  In international equities, it’s a tale of two BRICs: Brazil has gotten positively demolished while Russia has been a huge gainer as that country’s economic situation has improved. In developed markets, Japan and Europe are the best performers, while commodity-dependent Australia and Canada have performed poorly.

Our last heatmap shows YTD returns by country ETF, at the close of each month.  As with the S&P 500 sector version of this chart, November figures are YTD returns for November so far.

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