With each passing day that the market goes up, investors are increasingly asking “how much longer can the rally last?”  Well in today’s early trading, even after the rebound we have seen off the earlier lows, there is at least one sign that some investors are looking to ring the register on their winners.  We grouped the Russell 1000 into ten deciles (10 groups with 100 stocks in each) based on how individual stocks performed from the Inauguration through yesterday’s close.  As shown in the chart below, the stocks that have done the best are down an average of 0.83% so far today.  Relative to the other deciles, this is nearly twice as much as the decline in the next closest group (decile ten).  Additionally, just 20% of the stocks in decile one are trading higher today.  That too is the weakest breadth reading of the ten deciles.

Winners Since Inauguration

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