Last week we published our first Q1 earnings-related post looking at the most volatile stocks on earnings.  With earnings season beginning tomorrow, today we published our Interactive Earnings Season Calendar, which allows users to continuously track and monitor individual stock reports throughout the reporting period.  If you’re looking for a tool that highlights upcoming earnings report dates all in one place, you should definitely check out our calendar.  It’s very burdensome trying to keep track of earnings without a calendar, and our goal here at Bespoke is to make life easier for investors!

While earnings season begins tomorrow with Alcoa’s report, it doesn’t really kick into high gear until later this month.  Below is a chart showing the number of earnings reports set for each day over the upcoming month.  As shown, the peak of earnings season comes during the last week of April, and more specifically — Thursday, April 30th — when 392 companies are set to report.

We mentioned our Interactive Earnings Season Calendar above, but below is a snapshot of an abbreviated version of the calendar.  As you can see, it lays out all of the companies set to report each day over the next week, and it includes a number of earnings-related data points.  The full version of our calendar includes an even bigger earnings data set that allows users to see how individual stocks typically react on their earnings report days.

The Calendar itself comes in both Excel and PDF formats, with the Excel version allowing users to interact with the data and also pull up information for individual stock tickers.  You can easily enter in a ticker and quickly see when its next report date is set for.

To gain access to our Interactive Earnings Season Calendar, you’ll need to sign up for our Bespoke Premium offering.  You can try Bespoke Premium for free for five days, and after that the cost is just $80/month or $750/year (use our End of Winter special to subscribe at an even lower rate!).  It’s an extreme value proposition given the amount of research that’s provided with the service.  Check it out now, you’ll see for yourself just how expansive Bespoke Premium really is!

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