Each month, Bespoke runs a survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers balanced to census for their views on the broad economy as well as their personal finances.  (Please see the bottom of this post for more details on our survey work.)  Since our May 2016 survey, we’ve been asking participants in each month’s survey to fill in one word to describe each of the current US Presidential candidates.  In early June, we published our first word cloud of the survey responses, which you can view here.  Then last month we published our second word cloud post, which you can view here.

In our September survey, the most commonly used word to describe Trump was “idiot” at 4%.  The most common word used to describe Clinton was “liar” at a whopping 15%.  This month, with a completely new set of survey-takers, the top word used to describe each candidate stayed the same.  Once again, 4% of survey-takers described Trump as an “idiot,” while 17% of survey-takers described Clinton as a “liar,” which is a 2 percentage point increase from last month.  Overall, a large majority of responses were negative, which says a lot about the state of this election.  As you can see in Trump’s word cloud below, other negative words used to describe the candidate included a**hole, arrogant, crazy, ignorant and disgusting.  In last month’s survey, “racist” was the third most used word for Trump, but this month that actually dropped down to the 10th most used word.  “Businessman” is one of the few words that can be viewed as a positive that showed up quite a bit.  In last month’s survey, “businessman” was cited by 1% of respondents, while this month it was cited by 3% of respondents.


Below is Clinton’s word-cloud, where you can see that “liar” stands out as the most-used word.  Other negative words used quite a bit include corrupt, crook, criminal, dishonest, and untrustworthy.  There were some positive responses, though.  “Experience” was used by 3.6% of survey-takers, which was the second most used word.  “Smart” and “qualified” also ranked in the top ten.  Overall, Clinton received more positive responses than Trump, but “liar” was by far the most used word overall.

Heading into this year’s election, Americans have deeply negative views about both candidates, and one of them — most likely Clinton at this point — is going to be our next President.  With these kinds of numbers, whoever wins is going to have a tough time winning over the public once they take office.

If you’d like to see the rest of our data and analysis from our monthly consumer survey, please read on below:


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