As seen through the long tails in our Trend Analyzer, this time last week, the major index ETFs were mostly neutral with some below the 50-DMA.  Gains over the week have certainly shifted things towards overbought as now there are only three neutral ETFs while the rest are overbought.  The Nasdaq (QQQ) continues to be a leader as it has risen more than the other indices on both a year to date and weekly basis.  Currently, it is up 19.35% YTD and up 3.31% in the past week and as a result is pushing on extremely overbought levels.  While the others have a little further to go until reaching extreme levels, they are firmly overbought. Small caps remain the exception to this.  In spite of all gaining over 2% over the past week—basically in line if not slightly less than the other indices’ gains—small caps continue to sit right around the 50-DMA.  The Core S&P Small Cap ETF (IJR) and the Micro-Cap (IWC) are only 0.42% and 0.73%, respectively, above the 50-day.  Granted, this is an improvement from sitting under the average last week.

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