By just about any account, the month of May was a good one for US equities. The S&P 500 was up over 2%, which was the best month since January, while small caps did even better as the Russell 2000 rallied close to 6% for its best month since September of last year.  With small caps doing so well, a number of lesser-known stocks posted huge gains.  In the S&P 1500 alone, 93 stocks were up over 20% in May, while 25 stocks were up over 35%.  The table below lists those 25 stocks that rallied more than 35%, and looking through the names, we wouldn’t fault you for not being familiar with most, if not all of them.

Just to illustrate, the rightmost column below shows how much each of the top performing stocks listed below gained in market cap during the month.  Of these, just five saw a market cap increase of more than $1 billion, and the average increase of the 25 stocks was just $538 million.  When a stock rallies 40% or 50% and sees its market cap increase by just a couple of hundred million, you know it’s not a very big company.  Collectively, these 25 names saw their market caps increase by $13.5 billion.

Looking at performance another way.  The table below shows the fifteen stocks in the S&P 1500 that saw their market cap increase by more than $10 billion during the month of May.  Topping the list of winners was Apple (AAPL) with a market cap gain of just under $80 billion, and rounding out the top three were Facebook (FB) and Alphabet (GOOGL) which both saw their market caps increase by over $50 billion.  On a combined basis, the fifteen companies listed below were up a rather pedestrian 10.5%, but in terms of market cap, they collectively gained just under $400 billion, or 30 times the gain of the 25 biggest percentage movers in the S&P 1500!

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