In an earlier post, we highlighted the fact that small-cap stocks have been leading the market higher in the rally off the 2/11 lows.  Looking at the stocks that have done the best since 2/11, it would also appear as though not only have stocks with low market caps done well, but so have ones with low prices too.  The table below lists the 31 stocks in the Russell 3000 that have risen more than 150% since the market’s closing low 11 weeks ago today.  As shown, the average closing share price of these stocks on 2/11 was a measly $2.85.  Additionally, only two stocks were trading above $10 per share while only another two had share prices with a five-handle.  What really stands out about the table, though, is the preponderance of stocks from the Energy sector.  Over half of the stocks listed are from the sector including each of the top five spots.

Top Russell 3000 Stocks

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