More than 2,300 companies have reported earnings this season, and below we break down the percentage of stocks by sector that have beaten consensus analyst earnings and revenue estimates.  For all stocks that have reported this season, 61% have beaten bottom line EPS estimates, while 53% have beaten top line revenue estimates.  Four sectors have stronger earnings beat rates than 61% — Technology (69%), Consumer Discretionary (65%), Health Care (65%), and Telecom (64%).  The Materials sector has by far the weakest beat rate at just 46%, while Utilities, Energy, Financials and Industrials are all under 60%.

Looking at revenues, Technology has the strongest top line beat rate at 65%, followed by Financials at 62% and Health Care at 60%.  Materials and Utilities have the weakest revenue beat rates at just 26% and 29%, respectively.  Industrials, Consumer Staples and Energy have all posted weak revenue beat rates as well.

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