An earnings triple play is a stock that reports earnings and manages to 1) beat analyst EPS estimates, 2) beat analyst sales estimates, and 3) raise forward guidance.  You can read more about “triple plays” at where they’ve given Bespoke credit for popularizing the term.  We like triple plays as an indication that a company’s business is firing on all cylinders, with above-expectations results and an improving outlook.  A triple play is indicative of positive “fundamental momentum” instead of pure fundamentals, and there are always plenty of names with both high and low valuations on our quarterly list.

Bespoke’s Triple Play Report highlights companies that have recently reported earnings triple plays, and it features commentary from management on triple-play conference calls, company descriptions and analysis, and price charts.  Bespoke’s Triple Play Report is available at the Bespoke Institutional level only.  You can sign up for Bespoke Institutional now and receive a 14-day trial to read this week’s Triple Play Report, which features seven stocks.  To sign up, choose either the monthly or annual checkout link below:

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One of the sixteen triple plays featured in our newest report is Manhattan Associates (MANH).  MANH has definitely been one of the most consistent reporter of triple plays over the last few years, and its share price is now just 8% below its late 2021 all-time highs after rallying just over 50% from its lows last November.

Manhattan Associates provides software solutions and services to help businesses optimize their supply chain, inventory, and omnichannel operations.  Their products include tools for warehouse management, transportation management, order management, and customer engagement, among others.  This name has tailwinds as both an infrastructure and an “automation” play.  As shown below in the snapshot for MANH in our Earnings Explorer, revenues have re-accelerated to new highs in the last couple of years, even through last year’s bear market for stocks.

In terms of triple plays, MANH has now reported five in a row and 11 in its last 17 earnings reports, with EPS and revenue beats 17 quarters in a row as well.

For a full analysis of all 16 Tech-sector triple plays featured in this report, simply sign up for a Bespoke Institutional trial today and then read on!

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