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bespoke500223Below is a basic list of the most heavily shorted stocks (short interest as a percentage of equity float) in the Russell 1,000 (large cap stocks).  Each stock on this list has at least 20% of its floated shares sold short.  For each stock, we also include its year-to-date performance.  The average year-to-date change of the stocks on this list is currently +0.75%.  Compared to the average YTD change of roughly 3.5% for all stocks in the Russell 1,000, the most heavily shorted stocks are underperforming this year.

Pilgrim’s Pride (PPC) is the most heavily shorted stock in the Russell 1,000 with 58.31% of its float sold short!  One other stock — Cliff’s Natural Resources (CLF) — has more than 50% of its float sold short.  GoPro (GPRO) is a name in the top five that market followers certainly know after its IPO last year.  As shown, 42.59% of GPRO shares are short right now.  With a decline of 30.45% YTD, the GPRO shorts are certainly winning right now, but such high short interest leaves open the possibility of huge short squeezes any time positive news comes out.

Other notable names on the list include Sears (SHLD), 3D Systems (DDD), SolarCity (SCTY), Zillow (Z), Tesla (TSLA), Stratasys (SSYS) and Intercept (ICPT).

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