With minimal percentage moves on a seemingly daily basis, the DJIA is coming extremely close to having its least volatile year on record.  Below, we show the index’s average daily percentage (positive or negative) move by year going back to 1900.  So far in 2017, the DJIA has seen an average daily move of just 0.306%.  The only other year on record where the average daily move was smaller was in 1964 and at 0.302% it was just barely lower at that.

Keep in mind that there is still another two and a half months left to go in 2017, so this average could certainly rise or fall from here.  In order to make a run for the record books, the DJIA has to average a daily move of +/- 0.29% or less (~65 points) for the remainder of the year.  Considering that the DJIA has averaged a daily move of 61 points since the start of September through now (a time of year where volatility typically peaks), 65 points or less wouldn’t be a stretch.

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