Below we take a look at the best and worst performing S&P 500 stocks since we turned the corner into the new year.  The top stock in the S&P 500 so far YTD is the healthcare play Celgene (CELG).  At today’s close, the company finished up an astounding 37.67% year to date.  Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) and Netflix (NFLX) are not far behind up 35.44% and 32.5%, respectively.

While Health Care and Communication Services stocks make up the top three, the Energy sector is actually the most represented on the list with 11 out of 30 names.  Whereas Tech was the poster child for gains for most of last year, there is only a single Technology stock in the top 30, and it’s probably the last one you’d guess — Xerox (XRX).

Taking a look at the other end of the spectrum, with bankruptcy talks dominating the focus of the stock, PG&E (PCG) has fallen 70.91% in just 15 days.  Macy’s ranks 2nd with a decline of 16.12%, while Newmont Mining (NEM) ranks 3rd at -10.48%.  These are the only three stocks in the index down more than 10% on the year.

The worst performers have a much larger variation on a sector basis.  Health Care, which was another outperformer of 2018, is the only standout with 8 companies represented in the worst 30.  The only sectors without a stock making this list are Real Estate, Communication Services, and Energy.

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