Our 2018 Bespoke Report market outlook is the most important piece of research that Bespoke publishes each year.  We’ve been publishing our annual outlook piece since the formation of Bespoke in 2007, and it gets better and better each year!  In this year’s edition, we’ll be covering every important topic you can think of dealing with financial markets as we enter 2018.

The 2018 Bespoke Report contains sections like Washington and Markets, Economic Cycles, Market Cycles, The Fed, Sector Technicals and Weightings, Stock Market Sentiment, Stock Market Seasonality, Housing, Commodities, and more.  In this year’s edition, we’ll also be featuring a Bitcoin/Crypto section as well as an ETF Trends report.

We’ll be releasing individual sections of the report to subscribers until the full publication is released on December 22nd, 2017.  Today we have published the “Year in Headlines” section of the 2018 Bespoke Report, which provides a month-by-month and day-by-day look at the major financial news headlines that impacted markets throughout 2017.  It’s an excellent way to refresh your memory of the news events that impacted markets over the past year.  You’ll likely have forgotten more than you’d like to believe, which shows that while certain events might seem important and impactful at the time, the market usually moves past things pretty quickly!

To view this section immediately and also receive the full 2018 Bespoke Report when it’s published on December 22nd, sign up for our 2018 Annual Outlook Special below.

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