Tesla (TSLA) began the year with a 40% decline from its closing price on the last day of 2015 through February 10th.  Since February 10th, however, the stock has rallied 85%!  Oil’s rebound and the fact that more than 325,000 people have given the company $1,000 each to pre-order the new Model 3 have both contributed to the stock’s ascent.

Tesla’s market cap is now up to $33.9 billion.  Below is a chart comparing Tesla’s market cap to the market caps of two other American car manufacturers — General Motors (GM) and Ford (F).  As you can see, both GM and Ford have seen their market caps drift steadily lower over the last two years, and up until the last two months, Tesla’s market cap was drifting lower as well.  A lot has changed in just the last few weeks, however, and Tesla’s market cap is now as close as it has ever been to both Ford’s and GM’s.


Below are charts showing the spread between the market caps of Tesla and Ford and Tesla and GM.  As mentioned above, both spreads are now as tight as they have ever been.  How long until Tesla overtakes them to become America’s largest car manufacturer by market cap?

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