Below is a snapshot of Tesla (TSLA) in our Earnings Explorer tool that’s available to Bespoke Institutional members.  With the company set to report numbers after the close today, we show that TSLA has historically beaten consensus EPS estimates 62% of the time, while it has beaten top-line sales estimates 76% of the time.  The chart for TSLA sales since 2010 is pretty much straight up with a huge surge over the last two quarters after the carmaker’s Model 3 went live.

Below is a snapshot of Tesla’s individual quarterly reports over the years.  (Subscribers have access to results that go back to 2010 when TSLA IPOd.)  While EPS beats have been hit or miss over the past few years, TSLA has beaten sales estimates for nine consecutive quarters.  Even still, the stock has only reacted positively to six of its last nine reports.  A miss on sales when TSLA reports tonight will likely not be treated kindly by investors.

If we narrow things down to just Tesla’s Q1 earnings reports, we can see that the stock has fallen roughly 5% on each of its last three Q1 reports going back to 2016.  TSLA longs would certainly love for the stock to experience a move like it did on its Q1 2013 report.  On May 9th, 2013, the stock gained 24.4% in a single day in reaction to an EPS and sales beat.

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