The sun is literally setting for the last time on the Presidency of Barack Obama, and despite what can only be characterized as the worst start for the stock market under a President’s term in office, equities rebounded early on in Obama’s tenure staging one of the longest and strongest bull markets in US history.  Through Thursday, the DJIA is up over 148% (not including dividends) since the close on Inauguration Day 2009, and that ranks as the fourth best return for the DJIA under any President since 1900.

The title of best ‘stock market President God ever created’ belongs to Calvin Coolidge who presided over a gain of 251.7% during his time in office. Coolidge was followed by Clinton (227%), and FDR (197%).  Outside of these four Presidents, the only others who saw triple-digit returns under their watch were Reagan (135%) and Eisenhower (120%).  On the other side of the coin, Herbert Hoover presided over a decline of over 80% under his watch, while the second George Bush saw the DJIA fall 22% under his watch.

DJIA Performance

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