We like to track sales of pickup trucks as they are often a sign of strength or weakness in the small business and construction sectors. These types of businesses are the most common users of these vehicles, so sales of trucks provide a good barometer for how these industries are doing.  In April, Ford truck sales continued to motor along with total sales of 70,774.  Without taking into account changes in the calendar from year to year, this April’s total sales of Ford trucks was the strongest since 2005.  While this is a decade high, in the ten year period from 1996 through 2005, total sales for April were routinely above current levels.

f150 April 2016

On a year to date basis, total sales of Ford trucks for 2016 are now up to 256,895.  Since the lows in 2009, YTD sales through April have increased every year with 2016’s total sales rising 6.97% compared to 2015’s first four months.  This year’s total is also the highest since 2006, but like the April number it is a level that was considered routine in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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f150 April 2016 YTD

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